195 miles of trails and mountains BAREFOOT

Follow the adventure as Paul Suggitt walks the Coast to Coast BAREFOOT over the course of 13 days via the Wainwrights.

Saturday 8th June 2019 to Thursday the 20th June 2019

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On Saturday the 8th June 2019, Paul Suggitt takes on his next big adventure, 195 miles of mountains and trails BAREFOOT.

This is going to be Paul’s most challenging adventure to date, both mentally and physically, and is set to last 13 days.

This is the film trailer for his next big epic (and crazy) adventure.


Paul Suggitt is an adventurer and charity fundraiser from Hartlepool, who in 2017 finished walking, running and riding a bike for 10,000 miles around mainland Britain, the equivalent of more than a marathon distance a day, EVERY day for a year.

The adventure continues with 2018’s focus on the microadventure, something everyone can do.

2019 is a whole new adventure for Paul. Whilst he is no stranger to the Coast to Coast, having cycled it in 2016 in 12 hours and running it in 3 days in 2017 through horrendous snow blizzards, Paul is taking on one of the biggest challenges he has ever faced, the Coast to Coast BAREFOOT, 195 miles of trail and mountains over the course of 13 days.

Hundreds of well-wishers welcomed Paul back to his home town of Hartlepool on Saturday the 2nd December 2017, Including the Mayor and Mayoress of Hartlepool, after 10,000 miles and 336 days of adventure.
An accidental adventurer, Paul went from a couch potato to an ultra adventurer and has continued to raise awareness of the Chris Lucas Trust Rhabdomyosarcoma Appeal and of late, Hartlepool Ambulance Charity as well.
Paul’s next challenge will be the biggest he has taken on, both mentally and physically. Over the course of 13 days Paul will be walking the Coast to Coast from St Bees in west Cumbria to Robin Hoods Bay on the Yorkshire coast.. BAREFOOT

195 miles of mountains and trails. BAREFOOT

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I’ve previously cycled the C2C in 12 hours via cycle paths and roads, ran it in 3 days through snow blizzards direct from Workington to Hartlepool as the finale to my 10,000 mile challenge in 2017, but this is going to be the biggest physical and mental test I have ever undertaken. 13 days of barefoot walking through the mountains for 195 miles on a brand new (and a lot longer) route that I’ve not crossed on before. Paul Suggitt - Barefoot Adventurer


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